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currently working at Orizon Agency
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i’m focused on web and mobile apps.

saas are my favs.
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hey, i’m Kristy.

designer from Ukraine
, now based in USA.

i admire working with stakeholders who are experts within their niche and can truly appreciate the value of design.

i stand for and stick to:

tools i’m using for daily work:

what my mates have to say about my work.

Jan 2019 - Sep 2022
Lead Product Designer
Ukraine, Odessa
Vlad Gavriluk
Founder & CEO
7 Mar 2023

"Kristina is very fast learning coworker and I am very pleased to observe how she develops dynamically. She has sufficient expertise and professionalism for mentoring and managing a team.

She follows tasks through to completion with big enthusiasm and passion. And she always strives for excellence. I am completely sure that Kristina’s abilities and determination will continue to grow. So I recommend her very highly."

Diana Makar
Creative Director
21 Feb 2023

"I worked with Kristina for 3 years. Kristina's job performance has been really exceptional. Her design skills are at a very high level.

She worked on complex product ecosystems with great enthusiasm and constantly suggested ideas and improvements. She also showed herself very worthily as a lead designer. Kristina knows how to work on a project with a team and how to manage it, and knows how to find the right approach to colleagues. She is a great mentor for junior and middle designers, as well. So, I dare say, she is a great coworker and she has strong leadership and problem-solving skills..."

Roman Van
Partnership Director
21 Feb 2023

"Kristina is extremely dedicated and passionate about every project she is working on.She has very good communication skills, she has crucial knowledge in her expertise, and she was one of our best designers. I can ensure you that working with Kristina is always a pleasure. Despite all of this she has gone from junior to senior designer in a very short term because of her passion and persuasive work. She always trying to reach the top bar. Kristina always improves her skills and ready to challenge the most difficult tasks.
We are still in a good relationship because she does everything with respect and gratitude."

Katia Marmyzova
2 Mar 2023

"I worked with Kristina for 3 years. Kristina is an amazingly positive person who is so full of energy. Having extensive experience, Kristina can perform tasks of varying complexity, and also she knows how to quickly get involved in a completely new non-trivial task.

Her main skills are speed, quality, and creativity. Kristina is very hard working, always open to hearing other people's perspectives, and is a very strong leader."

Kate Marchuk
Lead Desingner
17 Mar 2023

"I had the pleasure of working with Kristina for 3 years and I believe she is one of the top UX/UI designers I've had the opportunity to work with.

Kristina is a talented professional with a deep knowledge of UX/UI design. She brings a high level of expertise to creating quality user interfaces and efficiently manages projects using industry best practices.

Additionally, Kristina is a team player who demonstrates leadership qualities, possesses excellent communication skills, and is always willing to help other team members when needed..."

Stanislav Rastvorov
Mobile Lead Engineer (iOS)
20 Feb 2023

"I've worked with Kristina on multiple projects for more than 2 years and I can highly recommend her. She's a responsible person which knows how to create a nice and easy to use UI for Mobile and Web applications. She always provides her ideas to discuss with the team and willing to make a product better and better.
She is also keen to learn improving her skills and getting up-to-date with the latest technologies."

Sep 2022 - Feb 2023
Senior UX/UI Designer
Portugal, Lisbon
Michael Stern
Director of Business Devt.
21 Feb 2023

"Kristina is a very personable professional who wants as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. I found my experiences with Kristina to be fun rather than work. she is a brilliant designer. Kristina never missed a scheduled business meeting and she was often able to drop everything and rush to our location on a moment’s notice. she would deliver all work ahead of schedule and her honesty made billing a pleasure.

Kristina’s creativity and desire to meet customer expectations make her the ideal designer for your organization. I would be more than happy to provide more details if you need them."

Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel Silvestre
Tech Lead
24 Feb 2023

"Strong communicator and easy to get along with.Good critical thinker and always delivers very reliable work.
Kristy is a colleague that you will enjoy having on your team."

Ricardo Sousa
UX/UI Designer
21 Feb 2023

"Kristina is an exceptional professional who demonstrates creativity and expertise in designing visually appealing and user-friendly products. Her collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and dedication to user experience are impressive, making her an asset to our team.
I highly recommend her for any future opportunities."

Sep 2022 - now
UX/UI Designer
Full-time (remotely)
Kristen Ryan
Lead UX Designer
14 Mar 2023

"Kristina is a strong designer, whom I've personally seen quickly adapt and excel in a new work environment. She is attentive, and detailed and asks questions to gather a deeper understanding of what we are designing, and the problem we want to solve.

She works efficiently in a fast-paced work environment, meeting every deadline. We are very lucky to have Kristina on our team!"

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